Civil Litigation Lawyer

Chahal Law is a debt collection law firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. In order to make the best valuation of your case, we first assess each commercial account receivable portfolio to develop the most efficient collection strategy for each exclusive situation. We then put that plan into action to collect the greatest amount of money in the smallest period of time.

Our firm will circumvent litigation whenever possible, but we are always prepared to go to court if necessary. If the case is viable, we will litigate the matter to the fullest extent of the law. If we do not endorse litigation, but a client still wishes to sure its debtor, we may take the case at a modest hourly rate. If necessary, we will then take steps to enforce judgment and collect assets.

Civil Litigation and Debt Collections

At Chahal Law, we have an experienced group of litigation lawyers who will do their very best for you and to evaluate your case. We will then provide you with the most sensible legal options. We are understanding of the financial burden that civil litigation can signify, and we do our best to take a cost-sensitive approach while pursuing your claim.

We will work closely with you to create a plan for the litigation and then move forward -- based on your directions -- to obtain the best result for you. With energy and skill, we continuously strive to uphold good communication and shape our work to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our firm is equally skilled at negotiations, and will work tirelessly to settle your case if at all possible. If it is not an option, we understand how to move your matter efficiently through the courts. We represent corporations, individuals, partnerships, and businesses in many types of civil disputes. We have proficiency in all levels of court and administrative tribunals.

The following is a list of the types of issues and civil disputes that we can help you with:

  • Collections
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Contract disputes and breach of contract
  • Human rights and employment
  • Family law and estate litigation
  • Disability, property and life insurance
  • Tenant and landlord (commercial and residential)
  • Other real estate disputes

The knowledgeable team at Chahal Law has directed many clients through the complicated legal process of builder liens. The Builders' Lien Act was created to offer security of payment of equipment and materials between suppliers and contractors.

Builder liens consist of lien enforcement, registration, and removal.

Lien requirements can be very technical, and for that reason, we take care of all the technicalities on our clients' behalf. We have found that if the registration of the builders' lien is not enough it doesn't guarantee a payment. Yet a lien can sometimes offer the only security for a payment when a debtor cannot make one.

Entitlement to a Lien

A big part of our job is helping clients to better understand if they are entitled to a lien. The fact is that not everyone is eligible to register for a lien. Only a person who has completed work or improvement on land, or supplied equipment or material to improve the land is entitled to a lien. It is also quite vital for our clients to understand what types of lands can be have a lien put on them. A lien exits exclusively in relationship with the owner.

An owner is a person who owns an interest or stake in the land on whose request, expressed or implied, and on whose credit, whose behalf, with whose consent, or for whose direct profit work is done on or material is equipped for an improvement to the land. This includes all persons claiming under the actual owner whose rights are acquired after the commencing of the work or alternatively, the furnishing of the material.


We frequently represent our clients, acquire the requisite statements and get a lien registered on their behalf. There are two places in Alberta where our clients can officially get their liens registered. These are the Land Titles Offices in Edmonton and Calgary. Other provinces have also cities where we can assist in getting liens registered.

Enforcing a Lien

Our lawyers have participated in a wide number of lien enforcement cases. The initial step in pursuing our clients' lien is to obtain the Statement of Lien. To enforce a lien is to acquire a court order that states the debt is invalid and the requirement is met.

Lien Removal

An official court order is required for a lien removal. For that reason, the court will want a receipt of security or payment. At Chahal Law, we ensure our clients are protected under every single point when it comes to the Builders' Liens Act. We make sure our clients deal with it in the most cost-efficient way by facilitating their determination of the right lien fund amount. Contact us today.