Real Estate Law

Whether you're planning on buying or selling your property, it is our duty at Chahal Law to protect your financial interests and rights. At the Chahal Law Office, we value your business. We'll make certain all your documents are in order prior to committing to a transaction that could put your financial stability at risk. We specialize in the sale and purchase of property, mortgage refinancing, construction and much more. We are accessible, have competitive rates and an extremely fast turnaround. Additionally, we can assist with the Real Property Report by liaising with the city and title insurance companies on your behalf.

Our team will be attentive in making your legal experience with us as simple and stress-free as possible. When you come to Chahal Law for representation, you'll profit from our fast responses to questions, broad appointment availability, competitive rates and fees and friendly client support. The Chahal Law Office is well-known throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area for giving each case the individual attention it deserves. We work with individuals, corporations and families that are both foreign and local. We want to form long-term partnerships with clients who have a large variety of goals.

What You Should Know About the Property Purchase Process

If you are purchasing a home for the first time, here are some easy tips on how to make the home purchase process go well:

  • Determine how much you would be able to afford. There is no point in wasting your time on homes that are outside your financial means. It's good to get a pre-approval on financing, a service that is offered by almost all banks. There are also plenty of private lenders who have less stringent lending standards than banks, but could also charge a greater interest rate than your bank. It's best to leave the interpretation of fine print to a real estate lawyer.
  • Study the market by examining the numerous sources of real estate listings.In the past, many of the listings were in print. Today, almost everything exists on the internet, which makes it fast and simple to go through the latest listings.
  • Narrow your search. This can be done by defining what areas have housing that meet your price point and other chief criteria not related to price, such as transportation and proximity to schools.
  • Ask relatives and friends for the name of a real estate agent. Getting the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate agent costs you nothing -- commissions are paid by the seller -- and the advice you obtain could be invaluable.
  • Don't sign any sale or purchase agreement without consulting with a real estate lawyer. This is essential, as there is a good chance that you will have trouble initially understanding the terminology in real estate purchase agreements.

If you plan on buying or selling a piece of commercial real estate in Alberta in the immediate future, you can guard your financial interests and rights by getting counsel from the Chahal Law Office. Our commercial real estate lawyers will give your case their complete and undivided attention no matter how large or small your transaction may be.

The Most Professional Real Estate Services

There is a good chance you'll have questions about your real estate transactions during the purchasing or selling process, and we'll make sure to give you the data you need from start to finish. Our commercial real estate lawyer is available for support or guidance by appointment. The Chahal Law Office is pleased to bring quality local representation to sellers and buyers throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We have a large amount of experience providing counsel. You can schedule an appointment with our commercial real estate lawyer by calling our law office today.

Our Areas of Commercial Real Estate Expertise

Our commercial real estate lawyers have an enormous amount of technical expertise and utilize efficient processes within our firm to provide consistent, cost-effective and timely and legal services in a broad range of commercial real estate transactions. Additionally, we have a strong team of support staff who are essential to the proper implementation of work and the overall client experience.

For clients who are inexperienced in real estate transactions and ventures, we have the knowledge to assist them in organizing a deal and handling the entire process. Due to our involvement and reputation in this field, we offer legal services to clients in many industry segments, including:

  • Selling and buying of commercial properties
  • Commercial financings, for both borrowers and lenders
  • Joint ventures
  • Co-ownership actions and arrangements
  • Lease and leasing negotiations, for both landlords and tenants
  • Re-structuring and structuring real estate projects
  • Land development dealings concerning various assets, from retail to industrial

At Chahal Law, our commercial real estate deals are accomplished with a consideration of the importance of time and the value of money. The more efficiently we handle these files, the simpler it is for our clients to conclude their deals. We have a dedicated team member assigned to real estate, making the process smooth, efficient and simple.